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Real Food At Home

Enjoy the Real Food lifestyle from your own home. From your fridge to the table in minutes.

Hi! We Moved.

We moved our site to a new platform. It's now merged with our main restaurant site to provide a one stop shop for all ordering, integrate loyalty programs, and provide faster, more frequent delivery options.

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Some quick notes

You can now pick up orders at our City Ave and Walnut Street stores.

Orders are now ready for pickup or delivery within approx 2 hours from the time you place the order.

Pickup and delivery is now available all day during business hours. No more limitations to the 4-6pm window.

We are now partnered with Doordash for deliveries. We've outgrown our ability to perform every delivery ourselves.

We now serve a 5 mile radius around the Walnut Street and City Ave stores. We sincerely apologize to anyone located outside of those zones. However, please reach out if you are interested in continuing to order and we can chat about a plan to service you.

Thank for your continued support!

Click here to head to the new store.